My first blog…..

Its been some time that I have been meaning to blog about common themes in regard to paediatric nutrition, but I was waiting for the elusive 36 hour day to fit blogging into my schedule….never mind that I  am not blessed, when it comes to the technical aspect of setting up a site. I have now realised that the 36 hour day is not going to happen and unless I make time for this, it is never going to become a reality. Surprisingly, with a little bit of help from my husband, I have also been able to master the basics of the blogging site.

As you will see from  “about the author”, I am a paediatric dietitian and hope to demystify paediatric nutrition for you. I will try as far as I can to keep my blog as evidence based as possible, but make this information practical for daily use.

So what should I write my first blog about? Of course it should be mind-blowing and make you want to follow my blog. I therefore thought a good start would be to discuss good resources, because I may not always blog exactly on the topic that you are struggling with at that stage, but knowing where you can find the information is important. “Dr. Google” is a wonderful tool to use for all questions, but sadly has no medical degree, so you need to be smart in choosing the right information. The amount of tears I have had in my clinic about parents thinking their child will suffer long term problems, because of misinformation from the internet! Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a wonderful tool, its just important to know what information is trust worthy. I will therefore try to provide you with some international  and UK specific sites (I work in the UK) that you can use.

As a healthcare professional, I will always go to pubmed to provide me with the latest peer reviewed (meaning no article is published here unless reviewed by peers specialising in the field that check the information) information. This may be useful to you, but remember for the majority of publication you can only access the abstract and the medical terms used may be a bit overwhelming. Otherwise, I suggest using the NHS or the Food Standard Agency for general information on infant feeding. For specific infant and toddler feeding information, the Infant and Toddler Forum, which I am part of is really good and the British Dietetic Association has Diet sheets on healthy eating, calcium intake and food allergy in their list of public fact sheets.  As we go through topics related to childhood nutrition, I will be providing more specific sites that you can access for further reading, but for the time being I think this is enough to digest for a first blog.


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