About the Author

I have been fortunate to have worked in the field of paediatric nutrition in the United Kingdom for the last 17 years. My initial dietetic degree from South Africa, was followed by specialisation in paediatrics, a Masters in Nutrition and a PhD at Imperial College. I am currently in the fortunate position to be able to combine research in food allergies in one of the leading hospitals in London with lecturing at Imperial College and running a private practice.

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Now, what drives a paediatric dietitian to blogging? What has struck me over the last 10 years, is how much more information there is about baby feeding/infant nutrition on the internet. Of course this is a good thing and in my experience can really add value to a dietetic consultation. However, I often spend a lot of time trying to reduce parental confusion and anxiety in regard to the advice they have read or they have been given by somebody (often not adequately qualified) via the internet. I do actually have a box of tissues on my desk in my practice which sadly are often used by tired, worried parents.

When has feeding our children become so complex? It surely is not complicated from a dietetic perspective and often robs parents from the enjoyment of having a meal together with their child and the child from having a positive association to food. I have therefore decided to start blogging and like my blog name will try to provide a “step-by-step” approach to childhood nutrition using the evidence based knowledge in an easy-to-read format. I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and most importantly that it will reduce complexity and increase enjoyment around food!